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Mystery Bag – Join the treasure hunt!

Mystery Bag – Join the treasure hunt!


Forty black sealed bags containing 5 vinyls each, is the backbone of the mysterious game called Mystery Bag!

The cost of the bags is 15 euros each. However, the value of the vinyls inside will be significantly higher.

Vinyl enthusiasts, after buying their Mystery Bag, are simultaneously participating in an exciting 5-disc hunt of a total value of 100 euros that will be hidden in those 40 bags!

A related list will be available for the visitors of “Vinyl is Back”, listing the main 200 titles of vinyls, so as to be informed beforehand about the albums that are hidden  in the mysterious bags. This list also contains rare discs of great value among the 200 vinyl records.


Join the treasure hunt!


Find the mysterious bags at Vinyl is Back “Record Shop”!